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Solving Complex 21st Century Challenges through Disruption

Written by Khoi Koin Crypto on Digilah (Tech Thought Leadership)

It took me a while to synthesise my thoughts on how to introduce this new market entrant in a short piece like this. I have finally resorted to a schematic in my head that will bring the entire white paper to the readership, thought leaders and generally all consumers of this type of information. Mpowa is a start-up that punches way above its waist, and with good cause too, since it is the mission of the rookie company to disrupt various aspects of the global geo-political landscape.

 Some of these include the blockchain based economy and Web3, renewable energy and resource sovereignty (at a household level), and healing (I know, broad concept, but that is my intention here) at the social, economic and physiological (mental, psychological, emotional) layers of life.

Now that is already a mouthful, right? And so, let me jump right in and give you our cursory remarks contained in the white paper:

“This blockchain-based interactive SaaS platform, is contrived to stimulate society to collectively ensure global resource sufficiency and accessibility for sustainable healthy living. Aiming to serve humanity as a whole, on the increasingly more turbulent and polluted planet earth.

Averting unnecessary illness and death is the most important reason for Mpowa’s existence, as every human being should ideally be able to live in a healthy way. By continually increasing the Energy Flux Density, resource abundance is within reach. Mpowa does not agree to the general consensus of mandatory vaccination and consumption control in order to reduce emissions.

By also empowering externally organised SDG-oriented clean-tech projects to present themselves on the platform, Mpowa facilitates the industry with a high-standard GTM opportunity, while also permitting low-cap / high value projects to raise the necessary funding to succeed. 

Transparency and auditability are key features of blockchain technology, which provide traceability of funds (resource allocation can be tracked from start to finish) and verifiable Proof of Impact.

Constant transparency and credibility also differentiates the SaaS platform from established competitors and well known large-scale foundations that utilise traditional banking technology.

Mpowa’s data-driven approach is in line with the UN’s DSDs to match the United Nations National Quality Assurance Frameworks Manual (UNNQAFM) for Official Statistics.

By utilising blockchain technology, Mpowa provides an additional credibility layer to ensure data quality, transparency of set definitions and important terms and project methodology towards contributors and auditors.”

There you have it, in a nutshell. As a teaser I am hoping to continually bring more puzzle pieces to this audience in order to shape the full picture, as well as, spark genuine interest among specialists to cultivate an irrepressible desire to join forces with Mpowa’s mission to:

  • cover the world in disruptive IoT technologies
  • cutting-edge renewable energy and resource technologies (as opposed to mature cleantech like solar or wind energy generation modalities
  • the latest (some in post-clinical trial stage and others in early commercialisation stage) medical (healing is my preferred word though) technologies
  • bring opportunities for carbon sequestration, carbon credits/finance, accurate carbon footprint reduction and data measurement to an individual, household, community or large-scale (angel and conventional) investors within a single Web3 Decarboniser App

These constitute a simplified synopsis of the intricate ecosystem that is Mpowa.

How did I get to become the Managing Director: Mpowa Africa (as part of Mpowa Global)? What appealed to me was that it convinced me to largely abandon the daily slog for the chance to be associated with this kind of unique and disruptive platform, one may ask? Especially since I have been doing my stint of just over a year and a half at risk. Well, I guess there are no short answers to fairly interesting questions, right?

The CEO of Mpowa Global, Ryan Lavelle, based in the UK and the Netherlands, and I spoke at a global blockchain event and connected shortly afterwards. I am in no way any sort of technical  expert of any of the value propositions mentioned above. But I am passionate about the blockchain based economy as the antithesis of the conventional, broken FIAT economy.

I am basically a lifelong activist and have moved on from politics to life 11 years ago. Apart from taking activism to the blockchain, I view real practical caring for the planet and sentient life with the same lens. Activism around nutrition, wellness (as apart from health) and exploring human capabilities since 2008.

Needless to say, after warning Ryan that I was not interested in being recruited via social media (LinkedIn in this case), I was indeed prepared to listen to him. When he was done talking I changed my tune to “recruit away, please”, started volunteering and set important networks up for Mpowa’s first footprint where I live, South Africa. 

The complexity of the web that is the Mpowa ecosystem is the direct result of Ryan’s brilliant mind, as a systems thinker, his many failed attempts (an important criterion in my book) on similar projects and his desire and passion to effect change at a tangible, real person level. These are ambitious aspirations, to use a euphemism. And it takes indefatigable energy, dedication and teeth gritting to stay the course. 

Somehow, Ryan has managed to bring into the fold a remarkable collection of individuals who all have highly technical skills, experience and networks in the various fields in which Mpowa plays.

Having been inducted, I had to hear and watch many presentations to various prospective clients, partners, beneficiary community members and so on. After all of these I had two things to say.

“Make it relevant to the lowest common denominators in all societies (people who sleep under cardboard boxes, bridges and in streets) otherwise it is not worth my while.”

“I am here for Africa first. So my involvement is towards Africa and beyond!

As a social scientist, politics and international relations specifically, I have become somewhat adept at problematising the world we live in. By way of illustration, I have no use case for the word “democracy” given the barrage of empirical evidence, extensive knowledge-base and universal lived experience of 97% of all people everywhere. Neither does Mpowa. For one, democracy is a top down practice, in spite of its name.

We use the concept of “really democratising” the fields we operate in. We have operations in a number of African countries where we are employing (through bootstrap personal funds) heroes and heroines who engage, mobilise, organise and conceptualise community-specific projects in any and all of the fields we find ourselves in.

These projects are then submitted to the Mpowa DAO for funding. This is a simple showcase of what “bottom up” means.

It means that people decide what they need and therefore want, an autonomous body considers the merits/demerits and local partners (NGOs) become implementing agents. At this point it becomes necessary to mention that the technology, the campaigns, the projects all are simultaneously tokenized, as NFTs.

Therefore the impact, even at household levels would be, for example, sanitation (potable water) and economic (tradable NFTs). We are agitating for more innovation for the latter impact, which will in all likelihood be realised through the Decarboniser  app.

I would be cheating the reader if I didn’t mention that we also drive major social campaigns on either continental or global scale. Our current campaign, Stop the Abuse (including gender-based, infanticide, crimes against children and so on), is in the final, pre-launch phase.

We are currently morphing out of the pre-seed phase into the funding phase. If you are at least a little intrigued by this, and looking forward to the next instalment, please connect with us for in-depth discussions around the platform, the funding requirements and the epochal odyssey ahead of us. Here is another short teaser to complete an initial picture:

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By Khoi Koin Crypto

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