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Written by : Neelam Agarwal on Digilah (Tech Thought Leadership)

I am a passionate digital marketer and co-founder of our Digital Marketing Agency,Brandstrate Solutions”. 

After a break of 7 years from corporate life, performing my duties as a full-time homemaker, my second innings started during covid times as a sales manager and that’s when I realized my capabilities and the evolving technology and digitalization. All these put together, my aspirations took a new flight and “Brandstrate Solutions” came into existence and we started ‘Brandstrate Solutions’ with just one idea and a laptop and a few leads in hand. 

During Covid 2019, we saw the biggest digital transformation ever. 

To name a few,

Transactions changed from cash to Debit/credit cards to fully Digital Gpay/payTM, Phonepe mode. 

Schools and educational institutes were forced to understand the nuances on online teaching and educationalists had to become tech savvy to support the learning process.

Even hospitals and the health care fraternity apart from covid care had to establish a digital presence and connect with technology to take care of their out-patient treatments. 

Product based companies surviving just with in-store purchases had to look for new promotion strategies to promote their product/brand.

During lockdown, many companies struggled to create their digital presence, and as an experienced Senior Business Development Executive with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry and skilled in 

Analytical Skills, Communication, Marketing and Project Management, my passion for work took a new turn…a one stop solution for all digital marketing needs. 

Technology is impacting the way we; digital marketers organize our client’s budgets. Where traditional marketing efforts meant spending money on newspaper or TV advertisements, we, digital marketers utilize technology such as Google Analytics. With investing resources into search engine optimization (SEO) , we improve the ranking of our client’s website so that they are able to target specific keywords and attract website traffic from their target audience.

From internet-of-things technology and remote collaboration to AI and business data analytics, new technology has and continues to greatly impact business marketing. 

To start, more devices than ever before are connected to the internet.

In a single day, you could be checking your email on your laptop, scrolling through Instagram on your phone, and binge-watching Netflix on your smart TV. Internet-of-things technology has resulted in a large network of smart devices meaning unprecedented opportunities for new lines of business and increased revenue.

Thanks to technology, we as digital marketers have more data and tools at our disposal, and are able to devote more resources to tasks that drive business growth and bring in revenue. 

Some digital marketers are adopting a multi-channel, multi-device approach to accurately track consumers through their entire buyer’s journey. They are doing this instead of just looking at the last touchpoint before the purchase occurred. AI and machine learning offer impressive tracking and analytics capabilities. This makes it possible to determine which touchpoints are most effective in leading to a conversion.

Social media channels like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook etc have innumerable stories of businesses that started with just social media presence and through proper marketing and campaigning are way ahead of their competitors. 

Businesses must adapt the way they do business in order to keep up with advancements in technology. It’s equally important to stay up to date with how technological advancements are influencing consumer expectations. For example, Instead of hiring (and paying) someone to help with customer service issues, you could use online chatbots to assist with communication.

In the ever-evolving landscape, I am glad to be able to serve newbies in the business network through Brandstrate ‘s new technology supportive strategies. Our happy clients, their testimonials and their revenue graph become self-explanatory when it comes to Brandstrate’s contribution into effective marketing.

Thanks, NEELAM

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