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  • Energy Transition: The Real Challenging Scenario

    Energy Transition: The Real Challenging Scenario

    Written by – Chandrashekhar Chincholkar on Digilah (Tech Thought Leadership) The World is going through a serious climate crisis, and it is important to start addressing the issue.  Paris Agreement signing by 194 Nations and subsequent submission of INDC (Intended Nationally Determined Contributions) has set the ball rolling.   COP 26 strengthened commitments from various countries further to […]

  • Satgana: A Global Venture Studio

    Satgana: A Global Venture Studio

    Written by Jashna Pillay – Digilah (Thought Leadership) Want to find out more about our operations and exactly what we can provide to you and your start-up? Or are you looking to make an impact investment and explore the potential of capital for good. You’ve come to the right place! Why? Today, the investment landscape […]

  • Climate Tech

    Climate Tech

    GREEN-SHOPPING MAINSTREAM Written by Deepak Subramanian – Digilah (Thought Leadership) As COP26 comes to an end, there is an even bigger emphasis on sustainability within the business sector and we can expect more brand owners to jump on the ESG and sustainability bandwagon. At the same time, there is growing consciousness with consumers about climate […]