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Written by – Mona Sutrave on Digilah (Tech Thought Leadership)

Technology has been re-shaping and re-organising the economic dynamics of the world. The Internet brought about the revolution at the turn of the century.

Today, Technological advancement in almost all fields is NORMAL. Technology drives daily life. From a simple purchase of vegetables to complex algorithm driven activities. Technology has crept into our lives like we have never realised before.

Consumerism has shifted gears from a sellers’ market to a buyers’ market. While marketplaces created demand for products. Today, demand for a marketplace of convenience has brought the market place virtually to the customer. Making customers’ access products from different regions. Without having to travel the distance.

Education has its fair share in this technological revolution. The information available to the world at a click of a ‘mouse’ has been astounding. Just that one needs to access their relevant information with care.  

Online videos are in millions which speak about various topics. But little do they teach in a way a mother or a teacher would teach.  Content companies show content as they have understood a concept while in their college days.

The real challenge is how a young mind is wired? Does that young mind fire connections like a 25 year old? Does someone doing so make a school teacher obsolete? The Answer is a simple ‘NO’.

The growing years are so important in framing a personality. What one is at 10 is not the same as 14 and 16 and definitely not the same as while one is 25.  This goes on to prove that ‘ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL’. 

Each child is unique and each of their needs are certainly unique.  One needs to step into the mindset of the student and help them nurture their learning skills to adapt to the challenges. That One person, is the Teacher

A Teacher is not just educated, they are “QUALIFIED”. They understand every child in their class. They understand their abilities and Capabilities. They do not treat the child as a robot to max marks sheets.  They treat the child as a human being and help them with the abilities to form the very basis of LIFE SKILLS. The choice to PICK n CHOOSE.

DHII came into existence for the very fact that there were so many contents, videos, pdfs of chapters, but the whole personal touch was missing.  Kids are kids, they need to be nurtured, spoken to, cared and loved while teaching, which technology still hasn’t achieved.  It’s just not the topic which the kid is learning, but the whole universe around that particular topic, which only a teacher sitting across can bring it down.  

We at DHII believe in this very concept of teaching.  Help the students realise their true potential and enable them to experience the HIGH POINTS. We are available to the student through-out the duration of the course, in person. We proudly say, we just don’t teach subjects, but we BUILD CONFIDENCE.

We call ourselves, the new era EDU MOMS, simply because the first guru for any human being is a MOM. The affection which MOMs can give, can be compared to none! 

The onslaught of content companies camouflaged as edtechs are widening the gap by denying reasonable opportunities to the lower end of pool.  

We propose to take our ONLINE Teaching to Tier II and Lower areas, make quality education affordable to the aspiring students to cross the hurdle first.  Break the barriers of the regional languages and enable them to realise their dreams.

Technology is indeed making this possible. We have started this journey of providing customised education to the far and beyond corners of India with an initial investment. We now hope to achieve our mission with right investment opportunities sooner than we imagined!

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Very well written! Only someone to whom kids and their learning actually means so much; only someone with so much of passion about it could have articulated it so well.

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