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Role of Artificial Intelligence in Cloud Computing

Summary: The amalgamation of AI and cloud computing can bring potential results, which can ensure great services. Explore this thought leadership article to learn how AI can be used in the cloud.

Written by Navpreet Kaur on Digilah (Tech Thought Leadership).

AI and Cloud Computing are two revolutionary fields in tech which are evolving human life with greater impact.

The future belongs to Cloud and AI.

Cloud is offering scalability of services across masses without relying much on the availability of hardware.

It offers you agility, scalability, data management while AI offers intelligent models which can perform various tasks in lesser time. 

Thus increasing the efficiency and productivity of the applications.

There are multiple clouds available such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud etc. 

Cloud services help to reduce on-premises hardware load by reducing computation costs and hardware costs.

While AI can be used to do repetitive tasks. Solve those problems quickly therefore increasing productivity.

It also reduces the chance of any human error since everything is automated. Using AI based models, various real time dashboards can be created to check and analyze the applications. 

Therefore, this can increase the efficiency of the system.

AI observability can be used to strengthen security in cloud computing by identifying potential threats and vulnerabilities more accurately and quickly. 

With the help of machine learning and pattern recognition, AI-driven security tools can analyze massive amounts of data. It can detect suspicious activities, thereby preventing cyber-attacks.

This AI-cloud relation not only creates a new way of thinking about other existing technologies and methodologies but also brings a new degree of accessibility to AI technology.

Big tech giants are investing tremendous amounts in AI and Cloud based technologies in their products and services.

This enables their businesses to enhance:

– decision-making

– streamline processes

Also provide superior customer experiences, leading to more innovative solutions and increased scalability for the business.

In conclusion, AI and Cloud technologies are shaping the new world in a better way. 

As AI adoption continues to grow across industries, the tech giants’ ability to capitalize on AI-driven innovations and productize them, will play a crucial role in their future success.

There needs to be continued leadership in the cloud computing space.

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