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Written by Harshit Srivastava on Digilah (Tech Thought Leadership)

With the rapid increase of users on digital platforms has been a great opportunity for brands and organizations to get hold of their customers, interact with them, acquire new customers, take feedback, make improvements and the biggest benefit has been measurable results of marketing campaigns.

Starting from the beginning of the journey to the end goal of a brand, one can easily make a high converting funnel with expert guidance.

The most effective generic funnel has always been Brand Awareness —> Consideration/ Engagement —> Conversion

With the help of social platforms, we can reach out to people who are found mostly on digital platforms. According to a recent study, on an avg. the user spends around 147 minutes daily on social media. Now the best part has been that audiences on these platforms are scattered which gives us the advantage to target users on basis of their demography and behavior. Example: Young generation up to the age of 27 are more active on Instagram while the elder generation still prefers Facebook. This number isn’t a universal constant but keeps on changing depending on the country, geography, literacy, income, and various factors.

With the help of targeting options available for advertisers, we can target the right audience with the right content at the right time to achieve the brand goals.

With the help of remarketing campaigns, we can target the customers who have already been our buyers or shown interest in our ad in any form. It might be a scroll to the bottom of the page, Clicks, search on the website, add to cart, checkout, add a payment method, etc.

Differentiating all these audiences with different events, we can create and feed content accordingly. Thus, increasing the conversion rate.

There’s an ongoing debate if paid media is beneficial or organic –

To achieve the best results, both approaches should be followed simultaneously. Though all the platforms are somehow decreasing the organic reach and visibility of content. It’s advised that paid media should not be neglected at any cost.

While Organic media gives long-lasting results if carried out constantly for a never-ending time, Paid Media gives instant results at any point in time.

Some of the biggest mistakes that brands should avoid-

  • Irregularity in maintaining a digital presence
  • Not having a brand identity
  • Not following brand guidelines
  • Ignoring Content
  • Ignoring Paid Distribution of ads
  • Being Impatient

Concluding this article, marketing is all about creating a perception. The best is to create the right one. Maintain distance from unethical marketing tactics. It might give short-term results but in long run, you will end up losing the trust of your customers and among competitors.

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