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Written by : Heidi Ström on Digilah (Tech Thought Leadership)

The creative mind and focus on your purpose in life.

I think I was only 3 years old when I sat in my grandmother’s room. Sitting by the table looking out from the window, seeing all the beautiful snow, and the stars caught my interest. I was only 3 years old when I sat and wondered what the meaning of life was.

My childhood was not easy, I had an abusive father who drank a lot of alcohol and chased us with his guns! So, I kind of grew up to be extremely intuitive and ready to run. I had to “read” my father’s energy and temper. This kind of life made me a small problem solver. I did build a small treehouse in the woods.

I built it between 3 trees like a triangle. It was my safe place. I even arranged a small table and chairs there. I did not build windows, not for security reasons only small peak holes so I could see if there was a threat coming. I also did build it 1,5meters from the ground so no animals could “visit”.

I felt it was also my problem-solving “office”. I was proud of it! Luckily my father stopped drinking alcohol and did almost stop all abuse. 

I am 43 years now and still a problem solver. 

Now from my life to TECH, tech has probably saved my life! I have had the chance to study with mentors from my home, studying everything from physics, laser physics, AI, IoT, Magnetochemistry, and the automotive industry, not to forget the energy business. It has given me happiness and total freedom of choice.

But that is not all, I have studied wolves and their anatomy and also the human being, neurological problems, and hormones. I felt I wanted to learn everything about everything so yes, I did even study all kinds of religion and philosophy of course and history.

No matter what you study, you will have some use of the knowledge when the stars align with you. The saying, throw me to a pack of wolves and watch me return leading the pack! That is very true in my life. I was thrown to the wolves many times.

An example when I came up with the first navigation app for visually impaired people, I did lose the idea even if I was dealing with an organization helping the visually impaired. You see, you can trust the org but perhaps not all the people working there.

In this case, there was a man who stole my idea. The only thing comforting me was the idea that a lot of people did get help from this app all around the world.

Hard to say but boy have I lost a lot of ideas cos I did not afford to make them myself. I had a very hard time getting an investor. I came up with an app when the media had a lot of headlines on rape cases in India. I wanted to help the women there.

And the app was called the family secure app. I got involved with developers in India, they called me Didi(sister). And yes, they became like a family to me and we still have contact after many years. Well, this Idea still exists but has not been made cos I have not got any investors. But maybe someday? Que sera whatever will be will be as they sing!

I am happy for VR during the pandemic. It has helped so many people work remotely. And much more. So now My ideas include VR, AR, MR, and XR. How to implement them in daily life and business.

I am now carefully trying out crowdfunding platforms. The fact is that only 2 % of all female inventors get funding, that figure is scary really. Only 2 %? Why?

When it comes to leadership I see it as a game of chess. The idea concept or innovation is the king, you are the queen and for example, the soldiers can be a patent or also marketing.

You have to consider every step you take, or you will take one step forward and two steps back!

Do not feel small asking for advice from professionals. Do not be too proud. Build a team! If you haven´t got money for salaries well then offer something else like shares in the company.

No matter what, try to build the team, and do not do everything alone like I have been used to doing. You might get some tasks done but not as effective as the energy of a real team.

You do not have to understand everything about Tech, but always try to learn a little bit every day. Maybe reading a book, only one page a day? No matter how slow you learn, as long as there is some kind of progress you will win every time!

So, both women and men, time to come together for a more peaceful world. There is so incredibly much we can do with AI, for example, medicines, operations, automotive, and energy. The list goes on forever as long as we give ourselves credit for thinking outside the box!

And at last, I will share a video of my prototype of a food bowl for toothless pets who either have lost their teeth or have an underbite or have a short nose and are hard to breathe when picking up the food. It might have a futuristic design, but it is working!

And remember, unlearn, relearn, and unlearn again, question everything, and focus on your main purpose in life. I recommend reading Viktor F Frankl’s books on this matter!

Thank you for reading my story! If you feel you want to connect, I can be found on LinkedIn.

Here is a video of my prototype : 

Kindest Regards

Heidi Ström, Vaasa, Finland.

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Heidi Ström

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I am an Inventor from Finland in Scandinavia. I do invent Products that makes life easier for pets. My purpose is in the future be able to help homeless animals and pets worldvide

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