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Transforming the marketing function with technology

Summary: Artificial intelligence is improving every mainstream field. Can marketing be improvised using AI? Explore this thought leadership article and know more about how it can be done.

Written by Rena Tan on Digilah (Tech Thought Leadership)

The world of work has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years, driven by the relentless march of digital and technological advancements. 

In the Marketing and Communications field, we have seen how the adoption of technological and digital tools have similarly caused a seismic shift in the way we work.

Our marketing and digital tech stack now cuts across various marketing and communications disciplines, ranging from content development, SEO, lead generation, media monitoring and database, inbound marketing, right through to project management and customer experience.

This article will highlight some of these game-changing tools that have completely enabled me and my team at Randstad Singapore to work better – and more efficiently.

Engaging and qualifying prospects with conversational AI chatbots

The digital revolution has upended traditional work paradigms, and this transformation has been particularly pronounced in my line of work.

One of the most significant changes has been the way businesses interact with their customers. With the advent of chatbots like Drift, our company’s website has become more than just a static online presence.

Drift, a sophisticated AI-powered chatbot, allows us to engage with website visitors in real-time, delivering personalised experiences, answering queries, and providing assistance 24/7

With the ability to deploy various playbooks based on web visitors behaviours and personas, our AI chatbot can speed up sales cycles by engaging prospects with valuable, real-time conversations that lead to opportunities.

This has not only improved customer satisfaction but has also generated leads and conversions that were previously untapped.

With A/B testing, we were able to find out that almost 50% of our web visitors (potential customers) prefer to chat with the bot than fill up a query form, which led to us dropping all query forms from our website.

This significantly improves user engagement and experience – which in turn resulted in more visitors converting to actual marketing and sales qualified leads.

Bridging the gap between sales and marketing

Another area where technology has revolutionised my work is email marketing. One of the main gripes marketing leaders have with their sales teams is the lack of follow ups for the leads that have been handed over from Marketing to Sales.

The introduction of AI-assisted email marketing tools, such as 6sensehas been truly pivotal in bridging this gap between sales and marketing. It brings lead conversion to a whole new level.

6sense AI assistant is programmed to understand intent, which allows it to determine if a lead has expressed interest and choose the right responses. 

Depending on how the campaign playbooks are being deployed, this email bot can understand specific customer requests, personalise email responses and follow ups, and engage with leads automatically.

It helps marketers like me automate conversations with leads and lead nurturing, converting them into sales meetings, and ensuring that no potential customer falls through the cracks.

Every single lead is being followed up on, and handed off to the sales guys once the intent matches the objectives we have set for the bot (e.g book a meeting).

The sales guys are now getting super-hot leads that have already been nurtured and qualified by the bot, which means they can now move in and take over clients who are ready to meet or buy.

The result has been a significant increase in conversion rates and revenue, improved customer experience, and a more streamlined email marketing process – cutting down the time the sales guys have to spend on call calling and lead chasing. 

In addition, the sales guys can now spend more time delivering better and more personalised services to leads that are worth their time.

Effortless content creation with Jasper

Content creation is a crucial aspect of me and my team’s work, and here too, technology has made a significant impact. Jasper, an AI-powered content writing tool, has been instrumental in simplifying the content creation process. 

It can generate high-quality and optimised articles, blog posts, and reports with remarkable speed and accuracy.

Besides articles and blogs, my team also uses Jasper to craft responses for Google reviews, generate headlines for Google or LinkedIn ads, suggest video captions for Youtube and Tiktok, write press releases, summarise email content into persuasive bullet points, generate landing page content and create polls, just to name a few.

While we still provide the creative input and direction, Jasper takes care of the heavy lifting, saving us valuable time and energy in the creation of content and other relevant assets.

The quality of the content produced by Jasper is so impressive that it has become an indispensable tool in our arsenal.

SEO optimization made easy with

Effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is vital for ensuring our online content reaches a wider audience, more so in this answer-driven economy. is a next-gen content and SEO optimisation tool powered by AI, and claims to be the fastest and easiest way to create content that ranks on Google.

This tool not only helps us to generate content that incorporates facts and background research from the top search results of any query, it also provides keyword suggestions, analyses competitor content and offers recommendations for optimising our content to rank higher in search engine results. 

Definitely a real time and life-saver!

Growing share of voice with Telum Media

In the ever-evolving landscape of public relations and media outreach, staying connected with journalists, influencers, and media professionals is paramount for building brand awareness and share of voice. 

This is where Telum Media, a cutting-edge media intelligence platform, has made a significant impact on our communications work. 

Telum Media is the most comprehensive, earned-media database in the Asia Pacific region – a live platform connecting PR and communications professionals with media contacts across the globe.

This online media platform provides real-time updates and alerts, allowing us to track media mentions, industry developments, media requests, editorial opportunities and journalist movements. 

Its user-friendly interface enables us to craft personalised pitches and communications tailored to the interests and preferences of specific media contacts and journalists.

This level of customisation not only increases the likelihood of securing media coverage but also fosters stronger relationships with journalists and influencers who appreciate relevant and thoughtful outreach.

Using this tool has empowered our team with timely insights, ensuring we are always in the know and allowing us to capitalise on relevant news and opportunities to enhance our media outreach strategies and grow our share of voice.

Challenges in Embracing Digital and Tech Tools

While the benefits of adopting digital and tech tools in the workplace are undeniable, there are also challenges that come with their implementation and use. Some of the common challenges include:

Learning Curve: Many digital and tech tools require a learning curve, and employees may initially find it challenging to adapt to new software or platforms. 

Training and support are essential to help employees overcome this hurdle.

Integration: Integrating various tools and ensuring they work seamlessly together can be complex. 

Compatibility issues and data synchronisation problems can arise, leading to inefficiencies.

Data Security: With the increasing use of digital and SAAS tools, data security is a paramount concern. 

Protecting sensitive information from cyber threats and breaches requires constant vigilance and investment in cybersecurity measures.

Costs: Implementing and maintaining digital and tech solutions can be expensive. 

Companies need to carefully assess the return on investment and budget accordingly.

Human Resistance: Some employees may resist the adoption of technology due to fear of job displacement or concerns about their job security. 

Overcoming this resistance requires effective communication and reassurance.

Conclusion: The Power of Integration

In conclusion, my journey with digital and tech tools over the past five years has been nothing short of transformative.

These tools, including Drift, 6sense, Jasper, and Telum Media, have not only accelerated our work, but also significantly improved its quality and efficiency.

These tools have enabled us to connect with prospects, clients and talent, automate marketing processes, create content effortlessly, and optimise SEO strategies. 

However, it’s crucial to acknowledge and address the challenges that come with embracing these tools.

The learning curve, integration complexities, data security concerns, costs, and human resistance are all valid issues that need to be considered and tackled proactively.

As leaders in our respective fields, we must recognize that the integration of technology with work processes is not a choice but a necessity in today’s fast-paced digital world.

It’s imperative to invest in the right tools and provide the necessary training and support to our teams.

Embracing digital and tech solutions can significantly improve efficiencies and productivity, ultimately driving greater performance in our ever-evolving work environments. 

By doing so, we position ourselves and our organizations for continued growth and success in the digital age.

The future belongs to those who are willing to adapt and harness the power of technology to work smarter and better.

“What new technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that customers want done.” – Tim O’Reilly

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