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How to keep up with macro tech trends as a PM?

Written by Shyvee Shi on Digilah (Tech Thought Leadership)

If you aren’t keeping abreast with the latest IT, Tech, and Digital trends, you’re behind the curve. Tech innovations are important for continuous education and tech development. Yet, keeping track of all of them is incredibly time-consuming. 

Even IT professionals spend a lot of time gathering information, as there are hundreds of expert sources and even more technologies. So, I have a few simple steps on

How to Stay on Top Of Modern Technological Innovation

[1] Read: Spend some time reading about new technologies and concepts through sites like TechCrunch, Digilah. Also, try to keep yourself updated about the Tech stack your team is already using.

[2] Monitor Competition: Not just direct competition, it helps to follow companies in same problem domain/space. It’s good to be one up the competition, but since it is not always possible, following them closely gives a good insight about new concepts and tech that they might be aware of.

[3] Watch annual Developer conferences from major tech companies (e.g. Google, Apple, Meta, Amazon)

[4] Read commentary from Industry analysts (e.g. Ben ThompsonBenedict Evans, etc.)

[5] Follow Tech influencers and pay attention to trends they’re bullish on (e.g., Michael SpencerMartin HarbechAlex KantrowitzTom Emrich, etc.)

[6] Discover new markets and ideas with 5-minute reports from by Dru Riley

[7] Pay attention to what company’s top VCs are investing in, and follow those companies

[8] Read engineering blogs to learn how systems work in relatively simple language and understand how world-class teams solve product problems and eng challenges!

[9] Internal Tech Team: My biggest resource is my teammates who are generally more updated. I am curious about implementation and architecture, and I keep asking them questions, and they are kind enough to explain stuff to me stuff. This is quickest way to get all updates.

[10] Events and Meetups: All the latest technologies kind of breed communities around them. That’s a great way to know the latest trends and keep yourself updated. You can become a part of the Digilah Tech community.

Keeping up with modern technologies allows businesses to increase sales, transform business models, launch innovative products, and improve customer experience.

However, the number of emerging technologies is constantly increasing. It’s highly time-consuming to keep track of them since there are numerous sources to study, but they don’t provide accurate and full definitions, let alone cover all the latest IT trends.

To overcome the challenge, product managers must find ways to help their teams stay on top of this changing world by contributing to the community, subscribing to trade publications, joining professional communities (Digilah Linkedin page) and attending seminars, technological events.

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